Jeremy’s Bar Mitzvah Weekend !

Congratulations Jeremy on your Bar Mitzvah! You did such an amazing job!

       Jeremy with Mom & Dad on the Bima!




Friday Night Dinner

I started off with the Heirloom & Mozzarella Salad, which was delicious. The tomatoes were a bright orange color and the mozzarella was super fresh!

Next was the Chardonnay Chicken with Artichokes which was so yum but absolutely DRENCHED in sauce as you can see.

The plate looked beautiful though!

And… as for dessert… I thought I had an easy decision by going with the chocolate cake but boy, was I wrong! I’m usually not a fan of key lime, but OMG that cheesecake was to die for.

My favorite part was the graham cracker crust. Mmmm 🙂

Here’s a pic of my amazinggg Maryland friends who flew out for the special occasion! Love you guys!

I’m in the blue in case you were wondering 😉

Now, on to a few highlights from the partyyy.


Jeremy loves to play tennis, so the color scheme was a perfect accompaniment to the tennis themed celebration.


Chicken, a small piece of salmon, haricot vert ( aka fancy string beans haha) and potato gratin underneath. It was pretty similar to friday night’s dinner..too drenched in sauce but very yummy!

During dinner, dessert was on my mind… which isn’t too uncommon for me  🙂

I was planning on having the red velvet (it’s my favorite!) but I decided to go with the chocolate one with the tennis ball on top. Just to be festive and try something new 🙂

Thanks again to all of my best friends for sharing in celebrating my brother’s bar mitzvah! We had A LOT of fun!

From left to right (Alana, Jessica, Me, and Ali )


Anywaysss, Jeremy’s party was SOOOOOO FUN and i love my bestiesss and my wonderfull amazing familyyyy! Mazel  Tov Jeremyyyy XXXOOXOXOXO ♥

Now, time to relax a little and watch the finale of The Bachelorette! Night guys!

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