Love is in the kitchen…

Hi everyone! Hope you all had a Happy Valentine’s Day 🙂

Mine consisted of baking, lots and lots of baking! First HOMEMADE cookies, then…..


Since I’ve been busy with school, aka Bio, I haven’t had much time to anything but study. Baking served as a nice break 🙂

I used Katie’s recipe for Oatmeal Raisin Cookies and did half with chocolate chips and half with raisins. Everyone on my floor LOVED them!

And now for the challah!

Doesn’t this picture just make your mouth water?!

 Mmmmm. AMAZING. I had so much fun at JAC last night making challah with a few of my sorority sisters!

Here’s the recipe you’ve all been waiting for!

I guarantee this entire loaf will be gone before the week is over 🙂

As for this past weekend, we had a Valentine’s Day themed Date Dash that was a lot of fun!

Alana, Darra, Me, Jessie, and Jen!

Anyways, the next few days/ weeks are gonna be super busy because the FAB-U-LIFE Nutrition Store is opening next week. Crossing my fingers for Wednesday!

I told you all about Herbalife Nutrition a few posts back, and let me just remind you all again that these products are INCREDIBLE. I just got back from a training with the entire group and I am beyond excited!

I’ll try to post as often as possible guys! Thanks for reading 🙂

How did you guys spend Valentine’s Day?


Holiday Baking Adventures

Hi guys!

SO… tonight, we did one of my favorite things to do…


My grandma who lives in Cleveland, OH is 94 and can no longer make her special Christmas cookies. When she was younger, and well enough, she used to make almond crescents aka horns and butter cookies.

So this year, my mom, Jeremy, Alana and I baked in the kitchen for 3 hours making cookies to send to her. I love baking for other people.. especially my granny!

We also made…


Can’t wait to try Dad’s challah FRENCH TOAST !!

Anyways, tonight Dad was out at a business dinner so it was just the four of us tonight.


Salmon spiced with chili powder and cumin drizzled with lime juice and olive oil, steamed broc, brown rice, and a few leftover home fries that my dad made this morning.

I ❤ home-cooked meals 🙂

But I also love my meals at AEPHI!

Here are a few from last week:

Homemade blueberry and apple scones!

Pancakes and French toast!

June, our chef, was nice enough to let me taste one of each kind (Banana, Pecan, and Blueberry!)

Hummus, pita, veggies, grilled chicken, gyro meat, and falafel! Greek day is the bestttt.

Now you can see why working out is essential in the diet of a an AEPHI 🙂

See everyone tomorrow hopefully for another post! Night guys!!

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