Happy 4th of July (Belated!)

Good morning! I woke up bright and early yesterday morning to go on a hike in the Malibu Mountains with my family. I was the last one out of the house so I just grabbed a yogurt and a banana and bolted for the door!


I’m not a huge fan of the taste/texture of greek yogurt, so I opted for Lucerne (my favorite!) even though I know how much healthy protein the greek yogurt contains!

We went on a five mile hike, which to me, was long and hard because I’ve haven’t gone hiking in forever! The views were absolutely gorgeous though and it felt good to be doing something active with the family! The ocean was sparkling in the distance!

Here’s me at the top of the mountain! I love sporting my Arizona pride. Can’t wait to be a University of Arizona Wildcat next year! YAY!

Did I mention I have a twin sister, Alana? 🙂 Here’s a picture of the two of us…

After the walk we were all SO tired so we decided to grab a quick lunch at Urth Caffe in Santa Monica. It’s one of my favorite places to eat in the LA area 🙂 I ordered the chicken curry sandwich on whole wheat bread and it was absolutely delicious. YUM! A side salad came with the sandwich but it wasn’t as exciting…

After lunch I had to get home to start making the homemade whole wheat hamburger buns I planned on making! My best friend, Ali, and her family came over and we had the best time eating and watching the fireworks! I doubled the recipe from Fifteen Spatulas because last time I made them, they turned out small, and I wanted them BIGGER! I would prefer the buns to be 100% whole wheat but if they were, they’d be really dense! This recipe used both whole wheat flour and white all-purpose flour.  They turned out great!

Here’s my burger sans ketchup! A slice of Cheddar cheese on top of the burger made it even more delicious! I also had some corn on the cob… (not pictured)

My sister and my mom made Peach Pie for dessert! We bought five peaches at the local Farmer’s Market on Thursday but that wasn’t enough… so we sliced up two plums as well! It ended up being a Fruit Pie instead, but thats okay! My piece looks messy and isn’t visually appealing… but it was amazing… sweet and crusty, just the way I like it! Recipe to come later!!

After dessert, we all headed down the street to watch the fireworks show. They were great! Here’s a picture of Alana, Ali and I! I’m on the right! 🙂

Hope you all had a Happy Fourth of July! And yayyy first post with photos!



  1. YAY I’m glad you liked the hamburger buns. The presence of the bran in whole wheat flour reduces gluten development which is why it’s a mix of the all purpose and the whole wheat. Also next time if you want them to be bigger/less dense you can double the rise time. I hope those tips help!

    • Thank you so much for the tips Joanne! Your hamburger buns were fantastic! I made them for the Fourth of July BBQ I had at my house with friends and family and everyone was RAVING about them. My blog is brand new and I’m so happy you wrote the first comment! Thank you so much, I love your blog!

  2. Karen Modell says:

    Jules – I LOVE your new blog! Good luck with it – I’m sure it will continue to be awesome! See you soon, A. Karen


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