I’m Just Getting Started…

Okay. Enough is enough. Today is the day I am going to finally quit procrastinating and introduce myself, Julia Model, and my blog, College Nutritionista!  I’ve been addicted to reading food blogs for over six months now so I’m super excited about starting my own food blog.

As a new high school grad starting college at the University of Arizona in the Fall, I’ve chosen to study Nutritional Sciences as my major, and am hopeful to become an Registered Dietician once I graduate! My passion for learning about nutrition and staying healthy continues to grow more each day and I love practicing Pilates, running, reading, writing, scrap booking, playing tennis and of course, healthy cooking/baking.

A few of my favorite foods include oatmeal, bananas, cookies, sandwiches and wraps, chopped salads, and pizza. With a healthy mindset, I feel like I know when to indulge and when to splurge. As Bethenny Frankel always says, “Your diet is your bank account”  and this approach holds true to the food choices I make every day. I believe in balanced meals: starch, protein and a fruit or vegetable at every meal, while adding in extra snacks once in a while as well. It is important to me to cancel out desserts and treats with healthy choices, but without being overly obsessive about it.  After all, once I start college, my eating lifestyle will change drastically. I won’t be able to cook in the kitchen for many of my meals, or have access to fresh fruit or vegetables like I would at home.

But, I’m ready to be off on my own and share my journey with you all!  Please follow me on as I strive towards eating healthy and becoming an RD!

*Since I’m new to blogging, (and often extremely technologically challenged!) I would love to hear any advice/tips you all have concerning WordPress!

A special thanks to Anne over at Fannetastic Food and Tina at Carrots ‘N’ Cake for inspiring me to start a blog of my own 🙂


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